Monday, January 16, 2012

My first mini swap...

was a miniature houseplant swap, and I immediately wanted to try the cactus garden that I saw over at Caseymini’s. Sadly, even though I searched and searched for potpourri with convertible ingredients, I was not so fortunate. 
What I did find was some dried field flowers at Michael’s, and when I snipped off the stem and sanded it down, then painted them, they looked pretty much like cactus to me. I also found this pink cattail, which I snipped up into flowers, and used up my cardamom pods for succulents. I  noticed some interesting pods on the ground outside my daughter’s music class, stuffed a bunch of those in my pocket and later snipped and painted into a weird stiff grass, also stuck in most pots.

Here is my collection sent out. (This is incomplete, but I didn't take a pic at the end)

And here is what I got back! (13 completely different plants -so amazing!)

Hydrangea by Bonnie H.  (her 1st swap too!)
Primrose by Jean M.
African violet by Elizabeth D.
Audrey by Elixabeth G. (1st swap!)
Bonsai by Annilee T.
Heartleaf philodendron by Ellen S. (1st swap)
Slipper orchid by Linda S.
Trailing ivy by Mrs. John M.
Palm (tall) by Susie R.
Big leaf in white pot by Annie
Spider plant by Marcia H.
Bromeliad by Ninalu  R.
Rubber plant by Karen Y.