Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Time for my yearly post!

Every year at about this time, I think "this will be my resolution, to post regularly", because I get a week off work between Christmas & New Years Day, and it feels like I have all the time in the world! Then reality hits when I go back to work, and the kids go back to school and I'm driving driving driving my life away, then the fun just sort of goes out of posting, because I'm doing less and less creative stuff and I just feel boooring...snore. So this year, the resolution is more about staying creative,and less about the blog. I figure, if I have something to post about, I'll probably post about it!
So here's the latest thing I've been making (click the pictures to make them bigger)- these little cats:
Oh oh - I forgot to tell you! The OTHER reason I might be more creative is that finally my work table is empty! After 3 years, the spouse finally got his engine in the car (this was my xmas present) and now it's MY TURN! Here are some cats:
This was a project I started in 2012
I got a string of these cat bead heads, and I saw Miyazaki's animated movie "The cat came back"
which inspired the kimono, because I thought it would be easier to make than Victorian formalwear...
Then I thought it would be nice to have a little meditative companion,

And here's my table now!