Sunday, January 12, 2014

So I made a chair...

which is riddled with faults, but looks OK from a distance:

I made a bigger cat to read to the littler cat, and my daughter was horrified that it was 'naked', so she quickly wrapped the blue cloth around. How come when she does that it looks like a proper robe, and when I do it  it looks like a piece of scrap cloth?

Anyway, on to another project - a bicycle basket!

This is a basket I embroidered to look like  bike baskets I remember from when I was a kid, but it needs handles. To the left is a  leather upholstery sample, and I thought my paper cutter would be a good way to cut a fine miniature strap:
It didn't quite cut through all the way...
but just a little bit left to cut through, and a nice straight edge.

Just used jump rings for the hardware...
then attaching is fairly simple!

Now I need a bike!

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