Thursday, February 24, 2011

A few more things I have accumulated recently...

Concord dresser and mirror and mugs from ebay, model ship from a thrift shop, and lamps from and antique shop. Anyone recognize the lamps?

and here's my making minis library, with a few new additions!

However, the MAIN new thing is still in the trunk of my car. It is a KIT. Yes, it is. It is a Walmer Mulberry kit, my FIRST EVER, so a new house is in the future for this neighborhood!

 the table must be cleared!
I'm including this picture in case you ever need to make a mini VW engine.


  1. Enjoy the kit, it is always fun to start from scratch, just beware it will probably beg you to make a few changes so that it is 100% unique.

  2. Thanks Elga - I have been thinking about that, but we must balance changes with simplicity, since I'll be working on it with a 9yo. I do want to put some windows in the back wall. Already dragged home a bunch of paint chips, too.