Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guilty guilty guilty!

Where have I been? Well, I have been mired in life I suppose, and not particularly disposed to sharing about it. Sorry about that! Honestly, living is so time consuming! Then taking pictures and writing about it is just one more thing.

But here I am, BACK, for the moment, with tons to share about my mini activities. So, let’s begin with my NEW HOUSE!
This one is a Victorian row house, built in someone’s garage, I know not when. I love the stairs and have visions of my little peeps riding down No, I have not yet restored the old house. My little neighborhood grows of its own volition…the stairs on a mattress, and other delightful activities.
( When we were moving my Mom out of her house, I grabbed a crib mattress and rode it down the indoor stairs – very very fun. I could not talk my sister into doing the same – she was just like that when we were little too. Her loss…) 

The new little house has moldy wallpaper, as you can see, and today my project is to take it outside, remove as much wallpaper as I can, scrub the remaining with vinegar and water, let it dry thoroughly in the sun, then see where I’m at. The sun is up, so I must get started…

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