Sunday, October 30, 2011

Basket beginnings

Over the summer I started learning about baskets too, over at Casey’s Minis blog. One day I will have worked my way through her entire amazing blog and will have tried everything in there, but that day is far in the future…
The basket on the left, above, was my very first. I think I'll use it as a bicycle basket - now I just have to add straps. Oh, and get the bike!
These were my next ones. I must have been tired - they look a little blurry...

These are some of my first attempts at faux basketry, and one attempt at a real basket with staves made from index card, then woven with waxed linen. That link is here

 The faux baskets are made very quickly, but the stitching took me a looong time.


  1. Sweet baskets. I love your work.
    Hugs from Craftland

  2. Your baskets are so pretty! Im obsessed with basket making at the moment :D I remember that post on caseys blog, and its something I will be trying out some day far in the future too :D

  3. Well thanks! Pretty rudimentary compared to your sewing basket, and I know you'll not let a year and a half go by to do your finishing (since I just finally added those straps this week :-)) But thanks for the encouragement, nevertheless!