Wednesday, March 8, 2017

An Embarrasment of Dollhouses

First, let me finish showing you Henry's house:
Came with a scooter!

Can you see the tailights of the scooter? The front end is pushed into a cubby under the stairs! A place for Harry Potter!

This is the only non-melissa & doug furniture that came with it, and it is a lovely vintage kitchen set.

at my house, in the window with the cloth over. and my caco peeps.
 So like I said, when I arrived home with this one, there was an email from the lady with a Lundby Stockholm, which actually IS the right scale for my Tomy furniture. (Henry's house is 1:12, too big for Tomy) But the email said she was sick and next good time to come would be Tuesday. I said Ok, I'll come up after work Tuesday, and didn't say anything to my family, who already think I'm a lunatic right now. Because who knows? Maybe I'll end up not buying it, right?
But I did. Buy it. Arrived home Tuesday night with a giant box in my back seat, wondering how I can sneak it in. So I just left it there and went in by myself. The spouse was there, wondering why I had come home so late.
"I had and appointment."
"Well, I can't really tell you."
"I gotta figure out a way to break it to you easy."
Then he gets this horrified look on his face, and I realize it sounds like I've got a bad medical diagnosis or something, so I blurt out "It's another house."
"A what?"
"Another house, I got another dollhouse!"
a long silence ensues
"I kind of wish you broke it to me gently, now."
So here's the Stockholm with some of my furniture in it:
The books that used to be on top of this bookcase are now stacked in my son's room.

Living room. Haven't hooked up any power yet.

Kitchen. One of the windows is out of its frame.

Do you have any funny "This dollhouse followed me home" stories? I'd love to hear them!

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