Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here's another dollhouse...

I picked this one up at a thrift shop about 4 years ago for the kid and right now we have a grouping of TOMY furniture in it.

Some of the furniture is from the '70s Smaller Homes and Gardens set, and I am very fond of it...
the rug in the far room is Ikea, the lamp and tray are Fisher Price, and the flowers stuck in the top of the lamp are from an Angelina Ballerina set.


  1. I love your Tomy living room! That sectional couch is so 1970s. Who is that curled up on one of the chairs?

  2. Thank you! I was very lucky to find it on ebay. I guess no one was paying attention right then. I think its actually two sets for the couch and tables and its missing a few things, but I love it too. Curled up on the couch is dds pink pig from her Barbie things. Its actually her house, but she has promised to take very good care of the furniture...

  3. Oh yeah, and now I am editing it to say Tomy! I do not know where my head was when I typed that... What a nice, gentle correction!

  4. Cool! It does look like more than one set, but the amount of furniture is perfect for that space. With all the sofa pieces there are so many options of how to set it all up. And the cushions look so...cushy!