Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here's my little house...

I call it Wensleydale Cottage

This was taken in the middle of a move in 2008. I haven't done that much with this house,
because it is an antique, and I'm afraid to do anything that will damage its historical value.
It came with all that pencil scribbling and I haven't been successful at removing the
scribbles. Erasers don't work. Soap doesn't work. Fine sandpaper doesn't work. Coarse
sandpaper gouges the surface. The orange part is painted over, but the scribbles still show
through. Ultimately I guess it'll have to be wallpapered, like the rest of the house.

The story of this house is that I
wandered into an estate sale, and
this was sitting in the corner of the
garage, covered with dust. The
owner of it had passed away and
had purchased it in England, as an
antique in the '70's, and had paid
further bank to have it shipped over
here. The heirs were asking $250 for
it originally, but at the point I came
along they were so frazzled and worn
out, and just wanted to be done, so
they accepted the substantially
reduced amount of all the dollars
in my pocket.                                                          
The exterior is stucco, which I have washed, and it's a lot less dingy. Each side has 2 doors that
swing open. One has been removed because I need to putty the holes and re-attach the hinges.
I have to take some new pics of the architectural details, so that will be another post...
What I actually wanted to share, before the holidays are too far gone, was the  Yuletide interior. As far as collections go, the interior is a complete mishmosh. The food is ReMent, the chairs are Ikea, the table I made from a kit, the dog is Fisher-Price, the xmas cupboard was $1 at Michaels, an decorated by dd with Sharpies. The screen was the prize of the day at a yard sale (50 cents). I don't remember what we stole the antlers from... The carper was cut from some home-dec clearance.

Here's all the rooms. But I have to get up in six hours, so that's all for now. More fun stuff tomorrow!

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  1. I really like your house. Love the table and chairs.