Thursday, January 6, 2011

More pictures of Wensleydale Cottage...

I put on the panel so you could see what it looks like with both doors on.
The window in the top middle is completely yellowed and warped - you can see how it's sagging down in the middle. most of the windows are cut plastic and are glued over the framework and a strip of white paint around the edge created the illusion of window framing. Some have no plastic/glass at all, as willful Robin is demonstrating as she swings on a string in the second floor window.The caps of the windows have painted metal sheathing - something it took me years to discover - I assumed it was wood until I was scratching at it to see if there was another paint color under the black and saw shiny silver metal peeking through!

Here is the back and other side. Those little knobs on the roof are switches, because this house was electrified at one time (pics of the inside of the roof another time). Inside there were some terminals with old scraps of wires attached - the kind with cloth covering, if you are old enough to remember that. I think my grandmother had a few things like that that she still had in the '60s when I was little. Former and future electrification will be the subject of another post. You can't see it very clearly, but the square to the left of the the doorway is smooth, not stuccoed like the rest. I think maybe there used to be a greenhouse or porch or something there, maybe a garage?

Here's the back of the kitchen with a little closet under the stairs. The spouse gave me that trash can manymany years ago...

ancient tub, firmly glued in place

This is the view down the stairs and out the front door

 as you can see, we have a kitten infestation.

I wanted you to see the inside of the windows, because most have window seats...
and this is a better view of the xmas cabinet dd decorated.

Thanks for visiting! We hope you come back again!

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