Sunday, January 2, 2011

I love rainy days!

Perfect for staying in and working on inside projects! and bonus - my kids love rainy weather, so it's easier to get them to go outside...course then they just come in and play video games.

Santa dropped off one of these girls (Zoe) for dd last month and the other one (Ling) is from me. They are Karito kids and dd says "they are so totally cool." She originally wanted an American Girl doll, and that being a major investment, we put considerable research into the suggestion. If she were younger, we may have gone with AG, BUT turns out Karito kids are as good as AG used to be, and better than AG has been since they were purchased by Mattel.Zoe was complaining today of being cold, so she is more warmly dressed now... They are showing off the doll carrying bag I made for them last week.
It took me an entire day because 1) I'm not that great or efficient a seamstress and 2) my sewing machine broke when I was almost done.
I cleverly made a temporary repair with electrical tape and was able to finish the bag. Each doll has her own pocket, and there's storage space in between. There's also a pocket on the front to store the books that came with the dolls! I used mccalls pattern 5019 but I lengthened the bag by 2".

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  1. Awesome bag, Momo, and congratulations on the new blog! My KK girls have been spoiled lately with new outfits. I'll share pics on the Yahoo! Group.